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RD Casting Systems
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RD Castings Ltd - Company Profile

R D Castings Ltd was established as a Precision non-ferrous Casting Company in 1976 by Mr R Pateman, the current owner and Managing Director. The company is engaged in supplying engineering components as a subcontractor. The objective of the company is to produce superior quality components in order to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the industry for high quality products.

Facilities at the company include: High Pressure Vacuum Die Casting in Zinc and Aluminium alloys and gravity die castings, Full CNC Machining and 3-Dimensional Co-ordinate Measuring equipment as defined on the attached Plant Inventory List.

The company was registered to BS EN ISO 9002 (Formally BS 5750 Pt 2) on 23rd November 1992. Registration No. FM 22205 by BSI Quality Assurance and has recently been registered by IMS International to the 2000 revision of BS EN ISO 9001, certificate No. 1113.

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RD Castings - Company Profile

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