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At R D Castings we specialize in High pressure die castings, in both Aluminium and Zinc.

High Pressure die casting provides the fastest route from molten metal to completed component, hence this process allows for highly competitive unit costs over all other forms of die castings. By injecting molten metal into purpose designed hardened tool steel moulds. This in turn produces a clean crisp casting to very close tolerance with a very good surface finish, ensuring a consistency beyond any other casting process.

The casting process is quick and very repeatable, and in simple terms is performed by, the die casting mold being sprayed with lubricant and closed. The lubricant both helps control the temperature of the die and it also assists in the removal of the casting. Molten metal is then shot into the die under high pressure; once the die is filled the pressure is maintained until the casting has solidified. The die is then opened and the casting or casting’s in multi impressions dies, are ejected from the die.
The process allows fast, precise, cost effective production of aluminium and Zinc die castings. If you require a good product appearance, and dimensional tolerances are critical to you, but volumes are not always large, then the High Pressure Die Casting may still be the right route for you.

The die casting will generally then require some form of secondary operations to produce features not readily cast able, such as threading, polishing, plating, buffing, or painting, all of which R D Castings can perform if required.

Our many years of experience in the process have allowed us to produce many castings virtually porous free, for use in industries such as gas valves, and aerospace.

Any component that requires intensive machining after casting, or any form of platting will be greatly enhanced with the aid Vacuum die casting. The vacuum die castings process will ensure virtually porous free machined bores and machined faces; it will also greatly reduce the risk of blistering on any second op finishing, such as platting or painting. Die Castings with the aid of “Vacuum” die casting is the ultimate form of HPD.

Below is a list of some of the castings material that is used in our foundry.

Aluminium Zinc
LM20 Z12
LM24 ZL27

For more information on the Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting please contact us directly and let us show the benefits associated with this process.

Castings produced with out the aid of the Vacuum Castings process
Castings produced with out the aid of the Vacuum Castings process

Castings produced under the Vacuum Castings process
Castings produced under the Vacuum Castings process

Did you know..?

Aluminium and Zinc Gravity Die Casting uses the same method for both metals!



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