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RD Castings Ltd - Environmental Policy

RD Castings ensure that all of its suppliers of base metals are carefully vetted, to ensure they are all as committed as RD Castings to the environment. Close attention is paid to the prevention of pollution, by regular monitoring of the atmosphere inside and outside the plant.

RD Castings use the most up to date high efficiency electric resistance furnaces, and fully modulating gas fired furnaces, to ensure not only are the most effective methods of smelting used, but also the most environmentally friendly methods too. Our castings are produced from fully approved ingots, which are smelted along with all of our waste products from previously made castings, thus ensuring all products and material are fully recycled where possible. Any accumulating dross after this controlled recycling is tacken away by a licensed operator, to be refined into pure aluminium or Zinc oxides which are used in many industries, or are re-ingoted once again. The cycle of our raw material is then complete, and the waste products in total only give off a minute amount of emissions, that are well inside the statutory requirements.

RD Castings also operates a policy of continual improvement to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all of its team. All staff are committed to reducing any waste where possible, and achieve the most efficient working practices.

RD Castings also works closely with its customers, listening to any specific requirements they may have, for example minimising the use of packaging and offering re-useable packaging solution, to further reduce our impact on the environment. Transport costs and the ongoing pollution of transportation, are also minimised through the use of local suppliers wherever possible. Most deliveries are carried out on our own efficient delivery fleet, with bulk delivery freight being carried by national logistics teams to maximise long distance deliveries, and efficiency.

RD Castings has recently installed the latest technology for the recycling of its effluent produced in our finishing cell. We have now installed a centrifugal effluent treatment plant, which guarantees we comply with the December 2009 directives which will reduce the discharge of effluents to the foul sewer by 50%.

RD Castings - Environmental Policy

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