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Zinc (High Pressure) HPD Die Casting

At R D Castings we have selection of Zinc HPD die casting machines varying from 75 tones through to 100 tone machines. We also employ the latest technology in our Frech fully automated cell including, auto spraying, fully integrated casting weighing, ensuring the complete casting is removed prior the closing loop, conveyer cooling, and light guard presses, the complete cycle is monitored with real time shot control ensuring consistent quality castings time after time. The special properties of the zinc based alloy, allows very close tolerances to be cast, this in turn eliminates most second op machining to all but the tightest controlled dimensions.

Zinc HPD die castings lend themselves very well to second operation finishing, including alochroming. Anodizing, chrome plating to name but a few, for more details on finishing of castings please refer to our “Finishing” section.

Zinc HPD die castings have extended die life over Aluminium HPD die casting, due to the less aggressive wear characteristics of the zinc alloy. It is not uncommon for the Zinc HPD die castings tools to see half a million shots before refurbishment, or replacement tooling is required. All of these features ensure that Zinc castings will remain a first choice for most designers, with its intrinsic weight benefits ensuring a steady future for this alloy and the Zinc casting methods.

For more details on Zinc HPD Die Casting please contact us directly and let us show you the benefits associated with this process.


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Aluminium and Zinc Gravity Die Casting uses the same method for both metals!



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