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Delivery and Logistics:

At RD Castings we have our own transport available at all times, allowing us the flexibility to deliver goods where and when required. This is critical for the urgent unexpected delivery sometimes required by our customers, with this in mind there should never be a reason to stop your production lines running smoothly. RD Castings also utilise nationwide delivery couriers and can, if required, distribute worldwide via Global International couriers. This delivery service has allowed our customers the confidence to accept deliveries from RD Castings direct to line side with the aid of Kan Ban and JIT supplies, to name but a few. Consequently this has greatly reduced our customers Inventory, and in turn reduced considerably the costs associated with unnecessary stock holdings.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that they are using the most suitable and cost effective packaging. We can also use the customer’s own recycled packaging if required, this option greatly reduces the impact on our environment. At RD Castings we work in partnership with our customers, to arrange the right delivery Logistics to suit all requirements, ensuring the best most cost effective solution to the advantage of both parties.


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