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Installation of 2 more Brother machines

16 January 2018

(Article taken from MTD CNC: 12/12/17. Full article linked below) In medium volumes, there is little difference between the cost of producing machined castings in China and in the UK Zinc and aluminium high-pressure die casting specialist RD Castings has…

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NEW Brother R650 X1 SPEEDIO!

19 April 2017

RDC receive a £30,000 grant to invest into the future with a new Brother R650 X1 High Speed machining center. ‘The machine demonstrates high productivity and also provides the largest machining area among QT table machines, enabling the mounting of…

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New Van

10 February 2016

RD Castings Ltd has just invested in a state of the art 3 tonne Mercedes Curtain sided lorry to assist in our delivery and dispatch department. We now have the opportunity to double our efficiency as we have a load…

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New extension

23 December 2015

One of RD Castings Ltd latest and well-needed investments is our new 5000 square foot building extension, which links our: Foundry, CNC shop and inspection area together. The new building is home to two new Brother TC-32B QT machines. Both…

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New 3D Scanner

02 December 2015

We have recently invested in a new device to aid our inspection department, the ModelMaker MMDC portable handheld 3D scanner. This new investment will allow us 3D map our castings and enable us to be faster and more accurate in…

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