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R D Castings’ foundry caters for small and large batch sizes in a variety of metals. We have several Aluminium HPDC machines, with locking forces ranging between 160 tonnes right through to 400 tonnes. All of our machines are fitted with remote / integral facilities to Vacuum cast, further improving the quality of the casting by dramatically reducing porosity.

Some of these machines have microprocessor control and fully closed loop proportional PLC driven shot ends, automatic ladling is also utilised.

Our most recent acquisition is a Frech 450 tonne machine, this along with our other machines gives us a very wide scope for producing very small castings right up to 6kg shot weight, fitted with the latest technology including robot ladles.

For smaller batch sizes we also have machines where manual ladling is incorporated to reduce set up times. This allows us to be very competitive on small batch sizes of castings down to just a few hundred or more.

Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) is RD Castings main activity and is an area in which we are highly renowned – with over 40 years of experience in the field.

The Advantages of Aluminium HPDC:

• Dimensional accuracy and stability produces parts that are durable and dimensionally stable, while maintaining close tolerances.

• Heat resistant and the Strength and weight of Aluminium HPDC parts are stronger than plastic injection moldings having the same dimensions.

• Thin wall castings are stronger and lighter than those possible with other casting methods.

• Aluminium HPDCs do not consist of separate parts welded or fastened together, the strength is that of the alloy rather than the joining process.

• Aluminium HPDC  parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces and they are easily plated or finished with a minimum of surface preparation.

• Simplified Assembly of Aluminium HPDC  provide integral fastening elements, such as bosses and studs. Holes can be cored and made to tap drill sizes, or external threads can be cast.

Below is a list of the material that is used at our site, we are also open to discussion for any materials not listed.


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