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Vibratory media is used to deburr and surface condition castings. Castings benefit from general purpose polishing, light and heavy deburring, fast deburring and metal removal.

Ceramic and plastic media is durable and highly versatile and is therefore the most commonly used technique of mass finishing. Ceramic finishing media is made of silica and other minerals and abrasives that are combined, formed and fired at a high temperature producing a very hard cement-like product.

Plastic media is moulded according to application and is used on softer materials such as aluminium and zinc to give an even polish and effective deburring of all sharp and unseen edges. Plastic media retains its shape and has a long life, remaining effective in operation even when worn after long service.

Benefits of Vibratory Media Finishing:

  • Its durable
  • Its highly inexpensive finishing
  • Effectively deburrs castings



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