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Parylene is a vacuum deposition coating process providing a thin film, transparent, pinhole free, conformal coating.

Parylene is also resistant to mould, chemicals, sterilisation (steam/gamma), moisture, salt spray, and other harsh environments. Parylene coatings are applied to castings at room temperature in a vacuum deposited chemical vapour deposition process.

Benefits of Parylene:

  • Provides castings with a corrosion resistant coating
  • Low Dielectric (high voltage can be applied without the coating breaking down)
  • Performs in Extreme Temperatures -200°C to +140°C
  • Solvent & Acid Resistance
  • Truly conformal on all surfaces – even sharp edges
  • Provides castings with a bacteria and fungus resistant exterior
  • Salt Water & Mold Resistant
  • Very Low Moisture & Gas Permeability
  • Low Coefficient of Friction

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