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R D Castings invests into a greener future

06 November 2020
Category: General News

RD Castings invests into a greener future, this business expansion was helped with the aid of a grant through the “New Anglia small grant scheme, which is part funded by the European Regional Development fund”

Its latest purchase of a MORGAN MK V SIZE 3 GAS Fired RECUPERATIVE BALE OUT FURNACE (BN500) providing the maximum economy in energy costs, with its construction using the most efficient low thermal mass materials. By recycling part of the waste energy from the exhaust gasses, typically 35% can be saved. R D Castings are hoping they could see up to 50% savings on replacing their existing furnace. The superb insulation allows for excellent melting performance from the compact high efficiency burner. The burner also facilitates improved internal heat circulation and transfer through convection, producing a more even heat distribution around the crucible enhancing crucible life. The advanced insulation materials used in the furnace lining result in low casing temperatures, providing comfortable working conditions. Working conditions are also optimised by very low noise emissions, the exhaust recuperator also acts as an effective silencer.

  • Significant Energy Savings (up to 50%)
  • Improved Crucible Life
  • Very Low Noise Levels
  • Environmentally Low Emissions HIGH EFFICIENCY

We’ve been supported by @newanglialep ERDF Small Grant Scheme. Could it help you too? Find out at newanglia.co.uk

ERDF Small Grant Scheme