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At R D Castings we undertake many second operation-machining processes, as it is not always suitable to use CNC controlled equipment for every machining process.

These second operation processes include manual drilling, tapping, hydraulic press work, linishing, hand deburr work and shot blasting to name but a few.

Whilst these processes may increase the labour content of certain jobs, it can sometimes still be a cheaper option than fully automating a process. This is due to potentially high set up costs involved in automation, which on low volume work would not be a viably option.

With this in mind R D Castings has invested money in making these processes as efficient as possible in the use of the latest technology in light guarded presses and fully automated shot blasting facilities.

This then allows for the most cost effective solution to all of our customers needs, for both low and high volume work. If you have any special requirements for second operation machining, please feel free to talk to us as there is always a cost effective solution to a problem.

Below is a list of some of the second operation machining that is carried out at R D Castings:

  • Single head tapping – with torque control and digital depth control.
  • Multi head tapping – with up to 8 heads tapping simultaneously.
  • Drilling – convention single spindle drilling machines.
  • Multi stage drilling – 4 station Medding continuous drilling.
  • Reaming – As above.
  • Broaching.
  • Power presses – ranging from 5 ton Press’s up to 25 ton, all with light guarding as standard
  • Linish & Polishing
  • Vibratory De-burr
  • Automated shot blasting – with the use of a Wheelabrator auto feed machine.
  • Shot Blasting – manual hand cabinet
  • Hand debur – Power files and conventional hand filling techniques.
  • Assembly work where required.

If you have any special requests for second operation work that is not listed above, please feel free to discuss this with us as we can accommodate most value added processes.

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