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Tapping is an area that RD Castings specialise in. The use of NC controlled single spindle Mega Tap machines allow us to set torque control on taps to avoid tap breakage, this eliminates the risk of poor quality threads due to tap wear – this is highlighted by the machine immediately.

These machines also allow us to set depth control via an NC control unit to specific depths down to plus and minus 0.10mm, ensuring complete control over tapped hole depths.

We also have Slack and Parr multi spindle tapping machines, which can tap up to 8 holes in one operation. This combined with the latest tooling availability, including automatic fine mist lubrication of taps within cycle, ensure the fastest possible production times.

If possible we roll tap threads (or form the threads as it’s commonly known) as this creates a far stronger thread than convention cut threads. It also removes the risk of swarf entrapment in the threads. We can also use through coolant taps and specially coated taps all to enhance production times, ultimately reducing your component costs.

For the inspection and control of these manual operations, we have the use of a vast range of hand held gauges including: Rocket gauges Go/No go plug gauges, snap gap gauges and internal/external thread gauges for ensuring quality threads. We also have our inspection room for more complexed measuring!



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