About RD Castings

RD Castings is a privately owned family business that was founded in 1976 by MR R Pateman, the current owner and Managing Director. Since its incorporation, RD Castings has been dedicated to providing superior quality Zinc and Aluminium components.

We are passionate about our products and our customers and we strive to offer exceptional customer service. With over 40 years of industry experience, we can provide our customers with expert knowledge and advice regarding our broad range of die casting services. RD Castings has one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the UK. We house a wide variety of die-casting machines, all of which incorporate the latest advances in technology. Our highly skilled workforce constantly strives to stay ahead of the competition and receives the latest training and technology.

RD Castings is your one stop shop for aluminium and zinc castings. Based in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Latest News

RD Castings supplies parts to COVID-19 Nightingale Hospitals

West Suffolk Council is highlighting the work of Mildenhall based RD Castings Ltd which manufactures component parts for a number…

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Installation of 2 more Brother machines

(Article taken from MTD CNC: 12/12/17. Full article linked below) In medium volumes, there is little difference between the cost…

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NEW Brother R650 X1 SPEEDIO!

RDC receive a £30,000 grant to invest into the future with a new Brother R650 X1 High Speed machining center.…

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